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Hot Picks Skin Care 2017

Invest in yourself and lift your skin to new heights by developing good habits this summer. These habits will become second nature in no time and will eventually pay off. My patients with good daily habits get results and look half the age of their friends and don’t need to spend a fortune on treatments! Just as it’s never too late to stop smoking, it’s never too late to develop good skincare habits.

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Does your skin share your secrets?

When Dr Nina said she could tell all our secrets from just looking at our skin, I may have attempted to cover mine with my table napkin. After all, she was addressing a room full of beauty editors whose collective skins positively glowed. And here I was, a *ahhemm* mature blogger who’d been up since 5am to make her flight and hear the good doctor speak.

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Hooked on Health

We know we should eat more fish but the benefits are only just becoming clear, writes Shelly Horton. Dermatologist from Northern Sydney Dermatology, Dr Nina Wines, says there is mounting evidence fish oil is helpful for skin conditions, too.

“There is some evidence it has anti-inflammatory qualities, which may be helpful for eczema and psoriasis,'' she says. ''And there's evidence fish oil helps with the sebum or fatty-acid content of the skin, which keeps skin hydrated.'

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