Skin is my passion.

Sydney Dermatologist Dr Nina Wines - Northern Sydney Dermatology & Laser, Northbridge.

Having been a dermatologist for almost two decades, I’ve treated people at all ages and stages from teenagers with cystic acne to pregnant mothers suffering from rashes to people inhibited by their scars & appearance. My treatments centre on a core belief - that it’s not my job to make people look younger; instead, I want to make them feel the best and healthiest they can for their age and skin type. I wholeheartedly subscribe to the theory that beauty is ageless. I understand the impact skin has on people’s lives and love witnessing how people feel when it is improved.

Even though I started my medical career training to be an obstetrician, skin was always a passion – even if it was buried deep in my subconscious! I had terrible acne as a teenager and that experience obviously stayed with me, propelling me to help others with their skin concerns. The topic fascinates me as the skin tells many stories about people. I love how almost every internal disease has a skin presentation.

I co-founded Northern Sydney Dermatology with my fellow colleague, Liz Dawes-Higgs. During our training, we both had babies which was not very common at the time. It was a really tough time and required grit and perseverance. We worked well together so decided to open Northern Sydney Dermatology 10 years ago.

Today, we provide honest, ethical, innovative and up-to-date treatments in a compassionate and approachable way together with our respected team of colleagues. We treat everyone on an individual basis with appropriate customised care. My patients teach me so much and I get such a thrill out of helping them. It is my essence and what drives and gives me purpose.

Outside of work, I’ve been married for 21 years and have two beautiful teenage children. Being a working mum and owning a business can be difficult, but I’m proud of what Northern Sydney Dermatology & Laser represents, how we care for people and our core values.

My other great passion in life is supporting the Kenyan charity So They Can. I’ve worked with them as a volunteer dermatologist, travelling to Africa on multiple occasions to treat chronic skin conditions; illnesses horribly advanced simply because patients couldn’t access medications. These experiences have taught me so many things but if I had to pick a key one, it would be that giving and volunteering makes me a part of a larger, prouder story of hope; both for individuals and humanity as a whole.

- Dr Nina Wines