Redness Reduction

Redness Reduction

About Laser Redness Reduction


Redness is usually the result of broken capillaries or dilated tiny vessels (telangiectasia). Rosacea and sun damage commonly cause telangiectasia. Cosmetic creams do not fix broken capillaries. Successful treatment requires treatment with a vascular laser.


Rosacea on Skin


What can I expect from treatment?

Laser is a simple office based procedure. With the new devices topical anesthetic is not required prior to the procedure. You will be lying down and asked to wear goggles or shields to protect your eyes. Each time the laser is fired a bright light will be seen even through the goggles and a sound heard. Pain is usually mild due to the cooling mechanism used by the laser. The treated area may feel warm after treatment. Ice packs are used to help reduce swelling.


Immediately following treatment you will look normal. You may have mild swelling, but most people return immediately to normal activities. You do not require time off work. Results are visible after approximately 6-8 weeks. Two to three treatments may be required spaced apart by 4-6 weeks.


Face treatment

How long will it last?


Some patients request a top up treatment once every year or second year to sustain long term improvement.


A referral is not required for cosmetic consultations with Dr Wines as these do not attract a medicare rebate unless you have a medical problem.