Dr Wines specialiSes in Laser treatments using the safest, most effective and advanced equipment.  Dr Wines specifically advises and combines treatments for your specific  needs to achieve optimal results.


Your laser plan

Confused by technology and which laser will achieve the results for you?


Dr Wines aims to remain innovative using up-to-date effective and safe technology

Redness Reduction Laser

Redness is usually the result of broken capillaries or dilated tiny vessels (telangiectasia)

Pigmentation Reduction Laser

Irregular pigmentation on the skin may be caused by solar freckles, melasma/ cholasma

Brown Age Spots

Everyone dislikes the thickened brown spots that grow as we get older.

Skin Rejuvenation

Often people just want to look and feel better but aren’t sure how to achieve this

Sun Spots and Laser

Many Australians, especially those with light coloured skin, have sunspots


A laser peel is a superficial resurfacing laser treatment focusing on removing pigment