A plan for your skin

Confused by technology and which skin care, aser, injectable or treatment will achieve the results for you? This is a common problem. Every person’s skin is unique and the issues developed over time are specific to you. Dr Wines will assess your skin, make sure you have no skin health problems and will design a personalized skin care and laser treatment regimen to help you achieve your desired results.




Skin Analysis

A skin analysis using a professional skin system will give you meaningful information about you skin.


Six key aspects of your complexion are analysed including:

  • pigment spots
  • pores wrinkles
  • evenness
  • UV spots

Powerful RBX Technology for subsurface red/brown spots is used for analysis to quantify red and brown skin conditions. Factors such as your age, your degree of sun damage, associated problems (eg. eczema, acne, irregular pigmentation) have a major influence on how your skin should be managed. Your skin care needs are individual. We will design you a skin care routine that is based on your quantitative skin analysis.

Skin Analysis – A plan for your skin

Anti-wrinkle Injections

Millions of anti-wrinkle injections are performed world-wide each year.


Cosmetic injections are used to improve the appearance of the face so as to restore more attractive contours


Skin is our largest organ, so it makes sense that a good diet, regular exercise and

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